How to turn your blog into a book.


Arianna Black, B.A., M.Sc. spent many delightful years working in corporate communications before publishing her first book in 2009.

She describes herself as someone who helps people access their ‘soul blueprint’, and credits her life experience as providing a fertile framework for soul growth.

In addition to qualifying as an IFA Aromatherapist in the UK, she studied Deep Memory Training (DMP) with Jungian Analyst Dr. Roger Woolger from 2005 – 2007.

She earned her M.Sc. Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness from John Moores University with a ground-breaking thesis on “The Efficacy of Past-Life Therapy”.

Yes”, she says, “regression therapy really works as the consciousness moves into an expanded state where it is then possible to remove blocks and see what is truly happening behind the scenes.”  – Arianna Black

Arianna realized that accessing the soul level – or quantum level – is the key to everything.

Never one to shirk a challenge, she decided to put herself through the paces and embark on her own 30-day challenge, to see how she could shift her own reality and create the life she always dreamed for herself.  Up until now, she had been helping others remove their blocks:  perhaps it is now time to do this for herself.

Follow the author’s 30-day challenge as she demonstrates the ability to have, see and become who she really is: her best possible SELF.

Transforming, life-changing and inspirational, this blog will challenge you to see your world in a whole new way.

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